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"I was graced to be brought up by a sage for an older sister and by a mother who subscribed to the values of human rights in all its elements. Luckily as well for me, my parents subscribed to the three newspapers they realized were hallmarks of journalism: The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star and the New York Times.

I am a descendent of the Cherniaks who escaped from the anti-semitic Ukranian programs of the early 1900s on my father's side, and the Soleils who escaped the Spanish Inquisition, on my mother's side.

In my personal rocky, younger world, I could empathize with others' tribulations and my heroes were not only the Gandhis of the world, but also Michelle Landsberg, Barbara Frum, June Callwood, and many other top journalists who showed that by exposing injustices, they could help bring positive change to the world.

Some say we know what we want to do in life from a very young age. I didn't always listen to my heart, but once I did and delved into journalism, I realized my ideal of a fulfilling life and never looked back."